Rupanuga Prabhu’s new website – lots of articles about the book changes

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We are happy to announce that Rupanuga Prabhu, very senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada, is now online with a new website featuring many of his excellent articles about the unauthorized changes made to Srila Prabhupda’s books.

Please visit his website and read the many wonderful articles about the book changes, and also his many wonderful remembrances of Srila Prabhupada.


About Rupanuga Das

born Oct 1939.
BA in psychology Feb. ’63.
Attended Columbia School of Social Work briefly in 1966. USMCR 1957-1963.
Bhaktisastri Sept. ’69.Initiated Oct 1966 by Srila Prabhupada, New York, while employed as training supervisor at the NYC Dept. of Social Services.

Relocated to Buffalo NY in Feb. 1968 to establish ISKCON’s first college program while employed as a social worker at the State Workers Compensation Board.

Devotees recruited in Buffalo established centers in Toronto, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, and farm projects in Tennessee and Louisiana. Others went to Japan, Hong Kong, and India.

Two more centers were established later in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in 1972-73. GBC member from it’s inception in July 1970 until resignation in late 1988, during which time also served as temple president 4 times.

Relocated to Alachua FL 1989. Independent market-gardening project (certified organic) — Greenarama Gardens — including prasad distribution 1990-1995.
Employed as an intake/eligibility interviewer Florida Department of Children and Families 1996-2003.

Relocated to Jacksonville FL in 2003. Now teaching philosophy and devotional principles on an individual basis.


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