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One thought on “Contact

  1. Hare Krishna Prabhuji, dandvat pranam. Your service to our most loving eternal spiritual master Srila Prabhupada can never be attempted to describe in words. For doing this, someone from the spiritual world has to descend here. We don’t have any doubt that Lord Krishna, all the Acharyas and all the sincere devotees are proud of you and happy with your incredible service. Obviously, ISKCON is 99% filled with sahajiyas, blind followers, diluted preachers, philanthropists, brainless robots, weaks and cowards, SP poisoners’ supporters, etc who hardly care anything beyond easygoing in their lives. I mean as long as they get eating, sleeping, mating and defending; also dhanam, janam and sundarim, they don’t wish anything else. To accept the harsh truth will result in loss of oppulence and extending sense gratification of all kinds of brahmacharis and sannyasis in iskcon. These people will strongly disagree with you, for sure and may well create obstacles for you. You are so strong and fearless prabhu. May Krishna and Acharyas shower all blessings upon you.
    If you want me to do something, i will try as far as possible for me.
    your servant

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