Jayadvaita Swami’s “Then it is alright” argument defeated

On BBT International’s website we find this video:

Direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlqbnzzL_28

In the video Jayadvaita Swami says:

”I went back and re-edited especially the translations in the first canto. Especially the first perhaps three chapters where I thought their were a lot of short comings. And I typed up all the translations – after I finished all the work, I typed up all the translations in one manuscript and put them in an envelope, and Prabhupada was coming to New York where I was at the time. Prabhupada came, and I put all the translations in an envelope, and I wrote a cover letter explaning what I have done, and asking him whether it was okay. And then I brought it up to Prabhupada’s quarters at 55th Street in New York–the New York temple—with the idea that I would leave them with his secretary and come back later. But Prabhupada was right there, and so he…I offered obeisances, and he had me, you know: ”What do you do in here?” ”What have you come for?” Not in those words, but, you know, he inquired was I was doing. And I explained that I had come to deliver this. So Prabhupada had me start reading right in his presence. And I began, I read the first verse, the second verse, the third verse. I went through a few verses, and Prabhupada stopped me. Prabhupada was listening very carefully, he stopped me. ”So what you have done?” And I said: ”Well, Srila Prabhupada, I have edited to try to bring it closer to what you originally said.” Prabhupada said: ”What I have said?” I said: ”Yes, Srila Prabhupada!” Then Prabhupada: ”Then it is alright!”, and that was it. ”Then it is alright!” ”What I have said?”, ”Then it is alright!”

 A few points about this story:

1. Jayadvaita Swami’s story is merely anecdotal evidence which is considered a rather unreliable and dubious support of a  claim. No one is really able to investigate the truth value of his story. To use anecdotal evidence as the foundation for changing the books that are supposed to guide mankind the next ten thousands years will surely create doubt about the authority of the changed books.

As Srila Prabhupada said about such stories:

“Just like in our ISKCON there are so many false things: “Prabhupada said this, Prabhupada said that.””
(Srila Prabhupada Letter, 7/11/1972)

“They misunderstand me. Unless it is there from me in writing, there are so many things that “Prabhupada said.”” (Srila Prabhupada Letter, 2/9/1975)

And as Jayadvaita Swami says:

“If Srila Prabhupada didn’t clearly and definitely say it, and if it first came up after 1977 whatever it is, don’t trust it. Rule of Thumb.” (Diksa-Diksa, Where the Rtvik People are Wrong,  p. 85, Jayadvaita Swami)

Jayadvaita Swami started circulating his story after the book changing controversy started, and there is no evidence to support that it is true. Therefore, “…don’t trust it. Rule of Thumb.”

Skærmbillede 2013-12-06 kl. 20.59.15

2. Jayadvaita Swami seems to conclude that since Prabhupada approved the verses that he brought him, then he also approved that he could change all his books using the same method – even after his disappearance. But this is an unwarranted extrapolation, because Jayadvaita Swami extrapolate far beyond the range of available data, namely from one single instance of editing to more or less all future instances of editing. But from his story no justification for such an extrapolation can be found. The only conclusion to be deduced (if the anecdote is at all true) is that what Jayadvaita Swami did to the very specific verses he brought Prabhupada was okay.  No more, no less.

3. If Jayadvaita Swami’s anecdote is true, then Prabhupada told him that if he had made the text closer to what Prabhupada originally said, then it was okay.

However, in my previous articles to Jayadvaita Swami I have referred to articles where it is clearly documented that he has:

  • Deleted many of Prabhupada’s own chosen words and sentences (even those also found in his ”original manuscript”)
  • Added his own words and sentences (which means they are also not to be found in the ”original manuscript”)
  • Changed Prabhupada’s own personally typewritten sanskrit translations.

The article ”The Duty of the Finger” demonstrates all these types of changes made to Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is:


Now, I think most devotees around the world would like to know what Jayadvaita Swami thinks Prabhupada would have said if he had told him:

”Well, Srila Prabhupada, in my editing I have deleted some of your own chosen words and sentences! And I have also invented some completely new words and sentences and put them in where I felt they would do a good job! And since we at the BBT International are now ”accomplished sanskrit scholars” we have gone through some of your own typewritten sanskrit translations and changed them also.”

What do we, honestly, think Prabhupada would have answered? Then try to extrapolate that answer to the changes Jayadvaita Swami has made to Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is.


4 thoughts on “Jayadvaita Swami’s “Then it is alright” argument defeated

  1. Ajit Krishna prabhu,

    Well done this is brilliant. I love it. It may even be the best argument you have come up with so far. Thank you SO much for being SO determined to dig and dig for the evidence to expose this mans many deceptions. Krsna is definitely giving you the needed intelligence.

    I am so busy today but I will definitely post this and put some of my own words with it soon.

    Well done, well done, well done your servant Bhajahari das.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Everyone knows that it is just a matter of time till the legacy of Jayadvaita is over and the people actually stand up and acknowledge that “the emperor wears no clothes”.

    The boat of the changed books is a sinking ship and those that stand on a sinking ship will also go down with it. The people on that boat are very loud and make lots of noise in their cries for help. The only way anyone can help them is to get them off that sinking ship that they are so attached to. But if they are more attached to the sinking ship then the help that comes to save them, then what can be done? They will have to go down with the ship…

  3. Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change everybody life forever. If you are not pure devotee.don’t try to be smart.

  4. For many years now, devotees have been writing about the falsification ( The Polite term they use is editing ) adulteration, modification and incremental destruction of Srila Prabhupada’s estate ( Copyrighted sanskrit translation works – Bhagavad git as it is, Srimad Bhagatam and others ) which is held in a legally binding trust , known , as the BBT.
    The conditions laid out ,By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami for administering and management this BBT – Trust gives no authority to anyone, trustees or other person, to edit the copyrighted literary body of the estate held in this trust.

    It is a criminal offence to tamper ( Falsify – Edit , etc…. ) with the property of this BBT- Trust,- The copyrighted works .
    Therefore, instead of crying into the wind for years and yearrs ( Cyber space ), or pissing into the wind, you must take legal action against the BBT – Trust and ISKCON leaders for destruction of BBT Trust Property and failiure to discharge their feduciary responsibility in the matter of Protecting Srila Prabhupada’s Estate and general colusion with The beneficiaries ( ISKCON ) to convert the assets of the trust illeagally by conducting the BBT trust as a for profit corporation.

    Your Humble servant,
    Hansadutta das
    Anything less than this will never be effective, BBT and ISKCON only respond to Legal and financial force. I know because I have dance this dance with them for at least 10 ( ten years ) years, starting in 1991, till well into 2000………….

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