Foreign Translations – No Problem

By Ajit Krishna Dasa

A devotee, Purusha Dasa, is mocking those who are against the book changes. Check the picture:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 18.09.50

My answer:

Purusha Dasa is presenting a false analogy. Let me explain:

Translations into foreign languages presents no problem for those against changes to Srila Prabhupada’s books.


Because such translations do not present themselves as the original words of Srila Prabhupada. Instead they present themselves as foreign translations of Srila Prabhupada’s words, and everyone knows that such translations come with some problems. But you can always check the foreign translations against the original English editions.

On the other hand, the unauthorized, changed books from BBT International present themselves as Srila Prabhupada’s original words, even though they are not. And BBT International wants to eliminate the original editions so that any comparison between the originals and the changed editions is impossible.

Now that is a problem.


One thought on “Foreign Translations – No Problem

  1. Srila prabhupada wrote in English in America. It is my prediction that inside of two or three thousand years all books will be in English and all devotees will speak English and a great chunk of the world minimum 10% speak English.

    English has been the universal language for some time, and it stands to reason that as Kali Yuga advances la shelter will be taken of the English language and in the end all teams chanted in the temple will be the ones that probably products from the kingdom of God whole of the drumbeats will be Hills personally demonstrated drum beats and English will be the language to study these books

    , there is a dramatic difference between editing a book and changing a book. Considering that the author owns his own words, changing a book is actually illegal because it violates the copyright under which the book was originally written. Anything is fine as long as it does not wander into the realm of changing phraseology or changing in tent. Of course all edits must be footnoted with an explanation as to why they were changed in an appendix which contains the name of the editor.

    James Joyce wrote a book called Ulysses. James Joyce was Irish and wrote in English. It was published in France in French which means translated from the English and then the French version was translated back into English without any regard for the original English version. It took Scholars more than a decade to finally sort everything out so that the original words of James Joyce would be represented in the book Ulysses.

    Fortunately for us we have the original transcripts we have the original edits by qualified editors and we have original books. It is a fact that the original books could be brought closer to the transcripts sense sometimes the transcripts did not reflect the tapes from which they were taken with complete accuracy point the book Changers have brought that point out to justify changing the books. But this is not about changing the books but an apartment increasing the accuracy of the books. I guess that must be done with full footnotes if one changes one items such as planet of the trees instead of Pitris, the change must be footnoted will a full explanation in the appendix to the book.

    We are not dealing with some ordinary pieces of literature, but the guide books for the next ten thousand years that are in our hands to be handled as though sacred which indeed they certainly are.

    When the insanity is over, we must create a standardized version of the original books with the items that Srila Prabhupada did not want….. removed from even the original books but again with complete notation. He many times demanded that passages be taken out of the original books in the next printing but I’m sure that will sell them done since the editors were closing in on the text and wanted to change it and keep it changed. So even the original books contain things that Prabhupsda did not want, and one can check his recorded comments when he gave class and other times when in the book was brought to him and He demanded that His original passages from the transcripts br restored, and that unauthorized contributions by the editors must be removed even from the original books.

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