Myths of the BBT and ISKCON GBC

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Interesting article by JAYA MADHAVA DAS (ACBSP) on the book changes at Sampradaya Sun. Here is an excerpt:

“Simple Truths: Bhagavad-gita As It Is got edited too much and we see the real results of changes to Srila Prabhupada’s Instructions (books) and Programs in ISKCON:

Many USA/UK -EU Temples are EMPTY, the Bhakta Program is dead

BBT is in financial trouble… books sales have plummeted worldwide

Big Gurus and Temples are running unauthorized programs and preaching methods are very questionable (off)

Deities have been dressed like Ken and Barbie dolls, in Santa Claus outfits (this is very offensive)

Tons of devotees have exited ISKCON over the years, and the GBC keep silent

The BBT lost millions of dollars in the court case with Hansadutta das

The ISKCON Movement is no longer united, it’s split up”

Read the complete article here:


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