To “engage” or “destroy” (Bg 11.32)

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The text below was sent to the BBT International through their website ( and to Jayadvaita Swami and Dravida Prabhu’s personal e-mails (,, the 7th Feb. 2014. We asked them to comment on the points raised.

So far we have not received any reply.

Original and authorized 1972 Macmillan edition:

“Time I am, Destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people…”

Unauthorized 1983 edition:

“Time I am, Destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people…”

Why has Jayadvaita Swami exchanged the word “engage” with the word “destroy”? There is no explanation for this particular change on the BBTI’s website.

Sanskrit synonyms says to engage twice:

Screenshot 2014-02-01 12.10.43

The so called original manuscript is missing for this part of the gita, so no claim can be made that this change is “closer to Prabhupada”. On the contrary it seems to be what Srila Prabhupada wanted, since he made no objections when he heard the text to verse 11.32:

Giriraja: (reads synonyms for following verse:) “Translation: The Blessed Lord said: Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you, the Pandavas, all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.”

Dr. Patel: Shall I read further, sir, or you want to comment?

Prabhupada: Yes. The process is going on. Although we have got so many plans to save, nobody can be saved. The destination, the bhutva bhutva praliyate [Bg. 8.19], that will go on. Simply vita-raga-bhaya-krodha man-maya mam upasritah [Bg. 4.10], they will be saved. Otherwise all finished.

We would like to hear from Jayadvaita Swami and the BBT International what the explanation for this change is?


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